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Hiroshima: Ground Zero 1945 (May 20-August 28, 2011)
Sorted AscendingTitleDateArtist Accession Number
["Shadow" of a hand valve wheel on the painted wall of a gas storage tank; radiant heat instantly burned paint where the heat rays were not obstructed, Hiroshima]October 14 - November 26, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.431
[Blast- and fire-damaged electrical equipment, Chugoku Electric Company Substation, Hiroshima]November 17, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.359
[Blast- and fire-damaged ruins of Takeya Grammar School, Hiroshima]October 28, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.600
[Blast-damaged Motomachi Water Station, Hiroshima Water Department]November 19, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.367
[Blast-damaged penthouse of Hiroshima Industrial Company (Old Fukuya Department Store)]October 29, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.73
[Blast-damaged ruins of Chugoku Coal Distribution Company or Hiroshima Gas Company]November 8, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.93
[Blast-damaged ruins of Hiroshima Livestock Company]November 11, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.598
[Blast-damaged south wall of Hiroshima Prefecture Agricultural Association Warehouse, Hiroshima]November 4, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.215
[Blast-damaged trolley and mangled electrical wires, Hiroshima]November 13, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.397
[Blast-distorted steel frame of Hiroshima Kerosene Company, Hiroshima]November 7, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.685