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Hiroshima: Ground Zero 1945 (May 20-August 28, 2011)
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Damaged interior of Hiroshima Railway Station]November 18, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.83
[Ruins of Nagarekawa Church of the Japan Christian Society interior, Hiroshima]October 26, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.92
[Blast-damaged ruins of Chugoku Coal Distribution Company or Hiroshima Gas Company]November 8, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.93
[Damaged turbo-generator and electrical panel of Chugoku Electric Company, Minami Sendamachi Substation, Hiroshima]November 18, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.96
[Complete destruction of wooden floor (air-space beneath) and telephone switch and relay racks of Hiroshima Telephone Company, Central District Exchange]October 28, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.99
[Cemetery with debris, on the grounds of Kokutai Temple, showing sacred camphor tree charred by blast and Bank of Japan in background, Hiroshima]November 5, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.119
[Ruins of Japanese Army Divisional Grounds (Barracks), Hiroshima]October 29, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.129
[Fire- and blast-damaged gas holders and buildings at Hiroshima Gas Company]October 31, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.138
[Streetscape with Geibi Bank Company and Nimi Store in background, Hiroshima]October 31, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.157
[Ruins of Geibi Bank Company, Kyobashi branch, Hiroshima]November 12, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.158