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Hiroshima: Ground Zero 1945 (May 20-August 28, 2011)
TitleDateSorted AscendingArtist Accession Number
[Partly burned wood-lath and plaster ceiling in corridor of Hiroshima University of Literature and Science]November 3, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.522
[Corridor of third story showing portal construction and buckling of panel wall of Honkawa Grammar School, Hiroshima]November 9, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.524
[Completely burned out interior of Geibi Bank Company, Kyobashi branch, Hiroshima]November 12, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.545
[Buckling of heavy, reinforced-concrete wall of Teikoku Bank Company, Hiroshima branch]November 6, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.555
[Fire-damaged interior with books reduced to ashes, Hiroshima University of Literature and Science]November 1, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.560
[Steel stairs warped by intense heat from burned book stacks, Asano Library, Hiroshima]November 15, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.567
[Interior with heavy spalling of cement plaster by fire in combustiible floor of Yasuda Life Insurance Company, Hiroshima branch]November 1, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.577
[Blast-damaged ruins of Hiroshima Livestock Company]November 11, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.598
[Blast- and fire-damaged ruins of Takeya Grammar School, Hiroshima]October 28, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.600
[Fire-gutted ruins of Ihda Hospital, Hiroshima]October 28, 1945Unidentified Photographer2006.1.639