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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Protestors carrying "Stop Police Terror" banner and listening to speaker during a communist meeting, Johannesburg]1950Margaret Bourke-White1716.2005
[Carpenter Phillip Mbhele wearing "We don't want passes" tag speaking against the Afrikaner's pass system that requires all native South Africans to carry one or more passes, Johannesburg]1950Margaret Bourke-White1715.2005
[Man standing next to statue with chalked protest message outside city hall, Johannesburg]1950Margaret Bourke-White1711.2005
Elam Grain Co. Grain elevator1953Margaret Bourke-White1726.2005
Megalopolis1957Margaret Bourke-White1731.2005
[Depression era photo of children of unidentified migratory farm workers playing in the dirt outside of their tent. These conditions inspired John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath"]1938Horace Bristol1926.2005
Cotton Company lets us live in 'em when we're pickin' cotton. When we ain't workin', we pay rent. Water's comin' up in 'em now."1938Horace Bristol1927.2005
Wayne Holien (PFC - Marine copter gunner in Vietnam)March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1961.2005
Four marines recover the body of a comrade under fire. On the right: French photographer Catherine Leroy , who had flown in on a supply helicopterOctober 1966Larry Burrows1760.2005
Within feet of the DMZ and at constant risk of ambush, a mortar-equipped marine wades through another of the rivers and steams that combined with the hot, jungled and mountainous terrain to make maneuvering on this operation such tough goingOctober 1966Larry Burrows1761.2005