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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Depression era photo of children of unidentified migratory farm workers playing in the dirt outside of their tent. These conditions inspired John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath"]1938Horace Bristol1926.2005
Cotton Company lets us live in 'em when we're pickin' cotton. When we ain't workin', we pay rent. Water's comin' up in 'em now."1938Horace Bristol1927.2005
Wayne Holien (PFC - Marine copter gunner in Vietnam)March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1961.2005
Four marines recover the body of a comrade under fire. On the right: French photographer Catherine Leroy , who had flown in on a supply helicopterOctober 1966Larry Burrows1760.2005
Within feet of the DMZ and at constant risk of ambush, a mortar-equipped marine wades through another of the rivers and steams that combined with the hot, jungled and mountainous terrain to make maneuvering on this operation such tough goingOctober 1966Larry Burrows1761.2005
Casualty of the ultimately successful assault on Hill 484October 1966Larry Burrows1764.2005
Ammunition airlift during the relief of Khe SanhApril 1968 (printed 2004)Larry Burrows1765.2005
[Portrait of English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson]ca. 1888Julia Margaret Cameron1163.2005
[Model Cloris Leachman (R) wearing "radio ear", a pocket-sized receiving set concealed under her dress that connects to an earplug which permits her to listen to directions from the NBC control booth while performing in front of a camera.]1946Cornell Capa1932.2005
[Carlos Manuel Pellecer, union organizer, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala]July 1953Cornell CapaL.2008.1