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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Peasants listen to land distribution speech, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala]July 1953Cornell CapaL.2008.2
[Portrait of Eva Perón being hoisted before rally at which Juan Perón announced and withdrew his resignation, Buenos Aires]August 1955Cornell Capa2009.20.2
[Minor C.G.T. union officials march toward Plaza de Maya in support of Juan Perón, Buenos Aires]August 31, 1955Cornell Capa2009.20.8
[80-year old Annie Mahaffey, who lives with her son George and his family, sitting in chair listening to daughter-in-law on telephone to her mother who lives alone]1959Cornell Capa1825.2005
[Ernest Hemingway and Gary Cooper hunting, Sun Valley, Idaho]November 1940Robert Capa1830.2005
Esoteric, New Orleans Born Truman Capote, 22, writes haunting short stories. His novel, "Other Voices, Other Rooms," will be out this fall1947Jerry Cooke1207.2005
[Scorched male mannequin clad in dark business suit standing in desert 7,000 ft. from the 44th nuclear test explosion, a day after the blast, indicating that humans could be burnt but still alive, Yucca Flat, Nevada]May 7, 1955Loomis Dean1995.2005
Alberto Giacometti is framed by the reaching hand of one of his elogated sculptures1964Loomis Dean1200.2005
Sailor Fred McDow passionately kissing his girlfriend Ethel Huseland goodbye, as a friend stands by watching uncomfortably, in Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after a 66-hr. leave.1944Alfred Eisenstaedt1448.2005
Soldier tenderly kissing his girlfriend while saying goodbye in Pennsylvania Station before returning to duty after a brief furlough.1944Alfred Eisenstaedt1449.2005