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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
Sorted AscendingTitleDateArtist Accession Number
[midwife helping Alice Cooper onto bed, plate on bed]1951W. Eugene Smith1005.2005
[Minnijean Brown, 15, and eight others of the "Little Rock Nine" with members of the 101st Division, Airborne Command, ready to protect them as they desegregate Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas]October 8, 1957A.Y. Owen1822.2005
[Minor C.G.T. union officials march toward Plaza de Maya in support of Juan Perón, Buenos Aires]August 31, 1955Cornell Capa2009.20.8
[Model Cloris Leachman (R) wearing "radio ear", a pocket-sized receiving set concealed under her dress that connects to an earplug which permits her to listen to directions from the NBC control booth while performing in front of a camera.]1946Cornell Capa1932.2005
[Model showing off slacks while reading a book as shoeshine polishes her new loafer shoes in Washington Square Park, New York]ca. 1942Nina Leen1205.2005
[newborn infant being presented to Alice Cooper]1951W. Eugene Smith998.2005
[Nurse Midwife -- 4 a.m. as hard labor begins, the face of Alice Cooper seems to sum up all the suffering of every woman who has ever borne a child.]1951W. Eugene Smith997.2005
[Nurse midwife Maude Callen, outside, inoculating wailing boy.]1951W. Eugene Smith994.2005
[Nurse-midwife Maude Callen examining throat glands of young boy]1951W. Eugene Smith1003.2005
[Nurse-midwife Maude Callen helping a man into wheelchair.]1951W. Eugene Smith1000.2005