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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
TitleDateSorted AscendingArtist Accession Number
[Candidate for Congress, John Kennedy, 29 sitting under campaign poster, next to photos of his parents a room at the Bellevue Hotel during his campaign for MA-Rep for the 11th district]1946Yale Joel1924.2005
Migratory field worker's home on the edge of a pea field. The family lived here through the winter. Imperial Valley, California. March 1937.1937Dorothea Lange1312.2005
Stalled on the desert, facing a future in California. No money, ten children. From Chickasaw, Oklahoma. Southern California.March 1937Dorothea Lange1311.2005
Shaving on the Road, California1937Dorothea Lange1313.2005
[Model showing off slacks while reading a book as shoeshine polishes her new loafer shoes in Washington Square Park, New York]ca. 1942Nina Leen1205.2005
[Union steward John Lombardo (L) going over production data with Edward O. Kolbert (R) and unidentified man at American Lead Pencil Company]September 1949Sol Libsohn1302.2005
[Union steward John Lombardo (L) speaking with union president Irving Zerehner at American Lead Pencil Company]September 1949Sol Libsohn1304.2005
[Crowd at Marian Anderson's Easter concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC]April 9, 1939Thomas D. McAvoy1081.2005
[Marian Anderson and her mother on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after her Easter concert, Washington, DC]April 9, 1939Thomas D. McAvoy1083.2005
"Once more, the head of the nation is working with all his might and main to restore and to uphold the morals of democracy."1938Thomas D. McAvoy1211.2005