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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Candidate for Congress, John Kennedy, 29 sitting under campaign poster, next to photos of his parents a room at the Bellevue Hotel during his campaign for MA-Rep for the 11th district]1946Yale Joel1924.2005
Migratory field worker's home on the edge of a pea field. The family lived here through the winter. Imperial Valley, California. March 1937.1937Dorothea Lange1312.2005
Stalled on the desert, facing a future in California. No money, ten children. From Chickasaw, Oklahoma. Southern California.March 1937Dorothea Lange1311.2005
Shaving on the Road, California1937Dorothea Lange1313.2005
[Model showing off slacks while reading a book as shoeshine polishes her new loafer shoes in Washington Square Park, New York]ca. 1942Nina Leen1205.2005
[Union steward John Lombardo (L) going over production data with Edward O. Kolbert (R) and unidentified man at American Lead Pencil Company]September 1949Sol Libsohn1302.2005
[Union steward John Lombardo (L) speaking with union president Irving Zerehner at American Lead Pencil Company]September 1949Sol Libsohn1304.2005
"Once more, the head of the nation is working with all his might and main to restore and to uphold the morals of democracy."1938Thomas D. McAvoy1211.2005
[Crowd at Marian Anderson's Easter concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC]April 9, 1939Thomas D. McAvoy1081.2005
[Marian Anderson and her mother on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after her Easter concert, Washington, DC]April 9, 1939Thomas D. McAvoy1083.2005