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LIFE Magazine Collection, selections
Sorted AscendingTitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Nurse-midwife Maude Callen holding arm of toddler while inoculating her.]1951W. Eugene Smith1004.2005
[Nurse-midwife Maude Callen with finger on bandage of newborn's navel having cut umbilical cord.]1951W. Eugene Smith982.2005
[Nurse-midwife Maude Callen, outside, giving inoculation to little boy.]1951W. Eugene Smith993.2005
[Peasants listen to land distribution speech, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala]July 1953Cornell CapaL.2008.2
[Portrait of English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson]ca. 1888Julia Margaret Cameron1163.2005
[Portrait of Eva Perón being hoisted before rally at which Juan Perón announced and withdrew his resignation, Buenos Aires]August 1955Cornell Capa2009.20.2
[Protestors carrying "Stop Police Terror" banner and listening to speaker during a communist meeting, Johannesburg]1950Margaret Bourke-White1716.2005
[Robert Oppenheimer, director of the Institute of Advanced Study, discussing theory of matter in terms of space with Albert Einstein, Princeton, New Jersey]1947Alfred Eisenstaedt1208.2005
[Scorched male mannequin clad in dark business suit standing in desert 7,000 ft. from the 44th nuclear test explosion, a day after the blast, indicating that humans could be burnt but still alive, Yucca Flat, Nevada]May 7, 1955Loomis Dean1995.2005
[Segregated entrances at Berkeley County Health Center, where Nurse midwife Maude Callen brings her patients.]1951W. Eugene Smith1001.2005