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Weegee Archive, selections
Sorted DescendingTitleDateArtist Accession Number
Worshipperca. 1948Weegee18657.1993
Women in a Restaurantca. 1943Weegee157.1982
With a Song in My Heartca. 1948Weegee18618.1993
William Merritt with telegram from lawyerca. 1945Weegee14025.1993
Whistler's Motherca. 1950Weegee14018.1993
Whislter's Motherca. 1950Weegee18578.1993
Welcome Home, JimmyJuly 12, 1943Weegee634.1993
Weegeeca. 1946Weegee106.1992
Waxy Gordonca. 1942Weegee14011.1993
Watching paradeca. 1944Weegee16298.1993