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missing media
TitleSorted DescendingDateArtist Accession Number
Media File HolidayFebruary 1953Holiday2010.101.38
Media File HolidayMarch 1953Holiday2010.101.39
Media File [John Huston standing on Beat the Devil set, Ravello, Italy]1953Ted Castle2010.93.1664
Media File HolidaySeptember 1952Holiday2010.101.37
Media File HolidayNovember 1951Holiday2010.101.34
Media File HolidayAugust 1950Holiday2010.101.32
Media File HolidayNovember 1949Holiday2010.101.31
Media File A Russian Journal1948John Steinbeck2010.99.6
Media File Slightly Out Of Focus1947Robert Capa2010.99.2
Media File [Red Square, Moscow]1947Robert Capa2010.91.162