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Eyes of the World
TitleDateSorted AscendingArtist Accession Number
[Republican militiaman saying farewell before the departure of a troop train, Barcelona, Spain]August 1936Robert Capa606.1992
[American troops landing on Omaha Beach, D-Day, Normandy, France]June 6, 1944Robert Capa2991.1992
[Leon Trotsky lecturing Danish students on the history of the Russian Revolution, Copenhagen]November 27, 1932Robert Capa2407.1992
[Crowds running for shelter when the air-raid alarm sounded, Bilbao, Spain]May 1937Robert Capa2635.1992
[French woman, who had a baby fathered by a Germany soldier, being marched through the streets after being punished by having her head shaved, Chartres, France]August 18, 1944Robert Capa3053.1992
[Dancing in the street on the evening of Bastille Day, Paris]July 14, 1936Robert Capa2425.1992
[Man and woman looking at political posters before the national election that would put into power the Popular Front coalition government, Paris]Spring 1936Robert Capa2438.1992
[Man voting in the election run-offs that would put into power the leftist-liberal Popular Front coalition government, Saint-Denis, France]May 3, 1936Robert Capa2444.1992
[Workers asleep at the Renault factory on the first night of the sit-in strike, Boulogne-Billancourt, France]May 28, 1936Robert Capa2451.1992
[Employees of the Galeries Lafayette department store on the roof-top terrace during the sit-in strike, Paris]June 1936Robert Capa2455.1992