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TitleDateArtist Accession Number
Free Loan Kassas (Gemelath Chessod) in Poland, Created and Subsidized by the American Joint Distribution Committee1935American Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.4
Aid to Jews Overseas. Report for 1939: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1939American Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.5
[American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC) uniform pin]1940sAmerican Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.12
The Year of Survival: 1946 Annual Report, The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1946American Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.9
[Memo from Melvin S. Goldstein, Assistant Secretary of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Paris, to the JDC offices in New York]April 22, 1947American Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.10
[Cable from the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), New York, to the JDC offices in Paris]March 28, 1947American Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.11
The Year of Destiny: 1948 Annual Report of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee1948American Joint Distribution CommitteeJDC.2012.13
Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jud bei seinem Eid (Trust No Fox in the Green Meadow and No Jew on His Oath)1936Elvira Bauermvk.e.2012.1
[Roman Vishniac holding the street sign for Tauentzienstrasse, Berlin]1947 (printed 2012)Edith Ernst2012.79.63
[Roman Vishniac’s microscope, Germany]ca. 1923Ernst Leitz WetzlarICP.2012.3