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"I reached Morning side this morning this [ ] sounded like a distant [ ] of the fourth of July, hurried forward, a thunderous sound arose and I saw four men running toward me..."1952Gordon Parks1615.2005
"Records and eats ice cream and sloe gin as he broods over his invisibility to take this symbolic picture. Parks built a special room and wired it for lights then he superimposed the picture of the room on a picture of New York at night"1952Gordon Parks1606.2005
"Skeletal Sculpture- snooping animals, sniffing their way along an alley, were suggested to the sculptor by scrawny denizens who range the left bank near the studio which he has occupied for 24 years. Giacometti shaped them with a penknife out of wisps of1951Gordon Parks1641.2005
Media File (Sleeping Man)ca. 1970Gordon Parks363.1974
[African American sidewalk preacher in Harlem, part of re-enactment of Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man"]1952Gordon Parks1608.2005
[African Americans on sidewalk in Harlem, part of re-enactment of Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man"]1952Gordon Parks1607.2005
[Artist Alberto Giacometti surrounded by his sculptures]1959Gordon Parks1639.2005
[Black motorcycle policeman stopping white man in cadillac convertible in Harlem, from essay concerning Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man"]1952Gordon Parks1614.2005
[Boys playing cards on front steps of apartment building in Harlem]1948Gordon Parks1625.2005
Media File [Candlelight vigil for dead neighbor of the da Silva family, Rio de Janiero]1961Gordon Parks374.1974