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TitleDateArtist Accession Number
[Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, 34, with her lover movie director Roberto Rossellini, traveling in boat from Stromboli Island, the location for their movie "Stromboli", to Messina to meet with her husband about getting a divorce]1949Gordon Parks1793.2005
Fashion Controversy - full sleeved suit: The big sleeve came in for emphasis and even for exaggeration in Paris.1951Gordon Parks1631.2005
[Photographers around door to take pictures of Dwight D. Eisenhower]1951Gordon Parks1634.2005
Paris Showings - Show stoppers of collections where fabulous ball dresses like these Fath designs. The four above would cost a customer total of $ 5, 100 are too expensive to reproduce, although some features, like flower-covered bodices, may be copied.1951Gordon Parks1635.2005
Skeletal sculpture - the long-limbed figure gesticulating here belongs to a fragile and tenuous face of men created by a Swiss sculptor named Alberto Giacometti.
Although he stands here on a Paris street like a majestic but undernourished gendarme,
1951Gordon Parks1640.2005
"Skeletal Sculpture- snooping animals, sniffing their way along an alley, were suggested to the sculptor by scrawny denizens who range the left bank near the studio which he has occupied for 24 years. Giacometti shaped them with a penknife out of wisps of1951Gordon Parks1641.2005
Media File Soapbox Orator1952Gordon Parks365.1974
Emerging Man, Harlem1952Gordon Parks177.2003
[Woman next to meat store in Harlem]1952Gordon Parks1604.2005
Mysticism that the hero finds in Harlem is represented by objects both religious and superstitious seen in a store window.1952Gordon Parks1605.2005