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TitleDateArtist Accession Number
R. W. Kelly, Portrait of Carl Mydans, n.d.<br>Gift of the Estate of Carl Mydans, 2005 [Carl Mydans]n.d.R. W. Kelly198.2005
LifeMay 16, 1938LIFE2010.101.49
LifeMay 23, 1938LIFE2010.101.50
LifeMay 30, 1938LIFE2010.101.51
LifeAugust 1, 1938LIFE2010.101.52
LifeOctober 17, 1938LIFE2010.101.53
LifeDecember 12, 1938LIFE2010.101.54
LIFESeptember 18, 1939LIFE2010.53.3
LIFEJanuary 29, 1940LIFE2010.53.14
LIFEDecember 2, 1940LIFE2010.53.29