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Related for Scott Hyde
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
Antique Storeca. 1962-64 (Printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.18
Media File East 42nd Street1965 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.22
Media File NY General1965 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.23
Media File Fruit1968 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.21
Media File Mayflower1969 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.20
Media File Lost Brook Reflections1969 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.26
Media File Nude with Mirror1970 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.24
Nude with Rocker1974 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.19
Media File Lily Pond Foliage1977 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.27
Media File Greenburgh Woods1979 (printed 1993)Scott Hyde2010.23.25