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Related for Kevin McKiernan, American
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
Media File Hospital in Sonsomate, El Salvadorca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American387.1988
Media File "Masas," supportive population in rebel-held territory, El Salvadorca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American395.1988
Media File Members of the "Battalión Lucha Irregular" (BLI), Nicaraguaca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American393.1988
Media File Managua garage sells old wheels and hubcaps, relics from the Somoza era of big American cars, many of which are still in use, Nicaraguaca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American384.1988
Media File Government graffitti in Managua memorializing the hero of the Sandinista revolution, Augusto Sandino, who was assassinated in 1932, Nicaraguaca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American391.1988
Media File Wounded guerrilla is transported by sling in rebel-held territory, El Salvadorca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American385.1988
Media File Voting line, woman holds identity card, voting is mandatory, El Salvadorca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American376.1988
Media File Juan Rivera and his wife crouch in a crude shelter where they and other civilians have hidden from bombs dropped by government aircraft in the provice of Chalatenango, El Salvadorca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American389.1988
Media File Barbershop in Ocotal, a town near the northern war front, Nicaraguaca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American386.1988
Media File Government soldiers, with camouflage grease on their faces, head into combat against the guerrillas in the province of Morazán, El Salvadorca. 1980Kevin McKiernan, American390.1988