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Related for Burt Glinn
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
Rebel soldier, too young to grow a beard, on the first day of the victory, meets his first civilian ladyJanuary 1, 1959Burt Glinn327.1996
Woman student outside of the university after news of Batista's departure, Havana, CubaJanuary 1, 1959Burt Glinn328.1996
Civilians arm themselves after Batista flees. Here they are attacking the hotel and casino owned by Batista sympathizersJanuary 1, 1959Burt Glinn329.1996
Street fighting was random and capricious. Civilians took control of the streets before Castro's people arrived from the hillsJanuary 1, 1959Burt Glinn330.1996
Main police station. First signs of organization in Havana came when Castro supporters rounded up former Batista secret police and questioned themJanuary 1, 1959Burt Glinn331.1996
Mother finds her rebel son in Havana demonstrations. They had not seen each other for a year until this momentJanuary 1, 1959Burt Glinn332.1996
On the road to Havana, Castro troops commandeered whatever transportation they could and made their way from Santiago to HavanaJanuary 4, 1959Burt Glinn333.1996
Castro makes an impromptu stop in a small town on the road to Santa Clara and exchanges ideas and opinions with the town’s peopleJanuary 5, 1959Burt Glinn334.1996
Another impromptu stop on the road from Santa Clara to Camaguey. Castro lifts young supporter as if he were an American politicianJanuary 5, 1959Burt Glinn335.1996
Castro's caravan stops in another small town and the populace gathersJanuary 5, 1959Burt Glinn336.1996