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Related for Krisanne Johnson
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
A young HIV-positive woman works at garment factory, Matsapha, SwazilandFebruary 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.1
A young HIV-positive woman who works in the garment industry laughs with friends at her rented one-room home, Matsapha, SwazilandFebruary 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.2
A young HIV-positive couple wakes early to start work at local factories in Matsapha, SwazilandMarch 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.3
Tive, HIV-positive, pregnant and very ill, rests in her backyard while trying to do chores, Lobamba, SwazilandFebruary 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.4
A young HIV-positive woman, who works in the garment industry, at her rented one-room home in Matsapha, SwazilandFebruary 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.5
Beauty pageant in Matsapha, SwazilandMarch 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.6
A young HIV-positive couple hangs out in their rented one-room home after work at the Matsapha factories, Matsapha, SwazilandMarch 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.7
Tive, HIV-positive, finds a moment of energy to sing and dance in bed despite not being able to walk due to sickness, Lobamba, SwazilandMarch 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.8
Tive, HIV-positive, struggles to find the energy to bathe, Lobamba, SwazilandFebruary 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.9
Tive, HIV-positive, rests in the doorway of her family home, Lobamba, SwazilandFebruary 2012 (printed 2013)Krisanne Johnson2013.59.10