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Related for Studio Museum in Harlem
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
Mega Millions2008 (printed 2012)Evi Abeler2013.60.1
Joe Louis Boxing Gym (Police Athletic League, 199th Street & Manhattan Avenue)2009 (printed 2012)Derrick Adams2013.60.2
Spring Time in Harlem2010 (printed 2012)Kwaku Alston2013.60.3
Kabakov Son2011 (printed 2012)Noel Anderson2013.60.4
Computers, Internet2007 (printed 2012)Cory Arcangel2013.60.5
Home-sweet-Harlem2007 (printed 2012)Xenobia Bailey2013.60.7
Pride2008 (printed 2012)Alani Bass2013.60.9
142nd St. Mosaic2010 (printed 2012)Sanford Biggers2013.60.10
Doppelganger in Harlem2004 (printed 2012)Slater Bradley2013.60.11
Size of the Third World2012 (printed 2012)Yasmine Braithwaite2013.60.12