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Related for Larry Burrows
TitleDateArtist Accession Number
Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu Fires a .38 for the First Time, Tan Hoa Dong, South Vietnam1962Larry Burrows26.1998
[Helicopter crew chief James C. Farley shouting to crew as wounded pilot Lt. James E. Magel and Billy Owens lay dying, Vietnam]March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1955.2005
Wayne Holien (PFC - Marine copter gunner in Vietnam)March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1961.2005
[Helicopter crew chief James C. Farley (R) checking on a wounded crewmate while wounded pilot, Lt. James E. Magel, lies dying at his feet]March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1957.2005
[During a mission aboard Yankee Papa 13, crew chief Lance Cpl. James Farley cries after witnessing two crewmates get shot, one fatally]March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1959.2005
[Crew chief Lance Cpl. James C. Farley manning helicopter machine gun of Yankee Papa 13]March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1954.2005
[Lance Cpl. James Farley, helicopter crew chief, putting on helmet aboard Yankee Papa 13]March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1960.2005
[Helicopter crew chief James C. Farley (r) working jammed machine as wounded pilot Lt. James Magel lies dying beside him]March 31, 1965Larry Burrows1958.2005
At First-Aid Center During Operation Prairie1966Larry Burrows27.1998
Having failed in their first attempt to take Hill 484, troops from the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines drop back to a safe distance to allow air and artillery strikes to help dislodge the NVA defendersOctober 1966Larry Burrows1757.2005