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Elnora Frazier
Date: American, 1924-2005
Biography: Elnora Williams Frazier, commercial and community photographer, was born January 10, 1924 in the Fifth Ward of Houston, Texas. Raised in Houston’s Second Ward, Frazier was educated in Houston schools and attended Houston Negro College. After high school, in 1942, Frazier attended the Teal School of Photography, taught by A. C. Teal of Houston, and was employed by Teal for fifteen years. Frazier left the Teal Studio after A. C. Teal’s death in 1956. During the late 1950s and through the

1960s and 1970s, Frazier worked in Houston for Courtesy Photo Supply, where she did black and white finishing. During the 1960s she also worked for Floyd Photo. In 1982, she began work for National Photographic Labs as a printer and remained there until her retirement in 1989. During her professional career Frazier also contracted work for friends and family. Elnora Williams married Marshall Frazier in 1948 and had one daughter, Marsha, born in 1951. An oral history with Frazier and examples of her work appear in Portraits of Community: African American Photography in Texas (Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996).