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Herbert Morrill
Date: American, 1867-1927
Biography: Text printed on the backs of cabinet cards: "A Brief Auto-Biographical Sketch of The Rev. Morrill Twins Of Chicago Illinois. By the urgent request of numerous friends in America and Europe, we submit the following authorized and authentic facts to the public. We are Americans. Our father Rev. D. T. Morrill, D.D., is a Vermonter, mother a New Yorker, and we are Natives of the city of Newark, N.J. When we were but two years of age, father left that city with his family after 16 years of pastoral labor to accept a call from the Fourth Church of St. Louis, Mo. When four years old we entered the schools of St. Louis. After seven years residence there Dr. Morrill accepted a call to the College Church of Upper Alto, Ill. When eleven years of age our dear brother, David Morrill, was drowned in the Mississippi River, near Alton, in saving our lives. Having already professed conversion, about two months from that time we united with the church. After passing through the high school we entered Shurtleff College for 11th year. We then pursued the curriculum of the classical course in this and the Institution of learning at Virden. After four years time and in our 20th year completed the six years of our collegiate life by graduating LaGrange College, Mo., with the honored degree of Bachelor of Arts. So the twins have retained the right of being “Bachelors” ever since. We are now entitle to the degree of A. M. We also had the recognized honor of receiving diplomas from the famous Shakespearean Institute. We are both licensed to preach the gospel , and up to the present date have been preaching and doing evangelistic work for more than seven years in 36 states of this Union, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and through the various countries of Europe. We also attended the Rochester, N. Y. Theological Seminary as somewhat preparatory to our life work and have felt called to “Do the work of an Evangelist”. About 70,000 people have signed our Believer and Prayer cards, while we also hold about 15,000 endorsements. We are members of the church, Y. M. C. A., C. E., E. L. B. U., S. P, S. I., L. A. W., etc. The railroad officials have kindly assisted us in our travels of over 150,000 miles in America and Europe by giving us more than 100 clergymen’s railroad permits. We also have a $275 Tandem bicycle which we use for exercise. We have ridden about 3000 miles. In the year 1889 we attended the Paris Exhibition of France and also visited not only England band Ireland, but many countries of the Old World. Previous to our sailing for Europe on the S. S. City of Rome we were present at the Centennial inauguration of Washington, held at New York City. We have also attended not only the dedication exercises of the “World’s Fair” but were among the first clergymen to enter the gates to witness the opening of the “Columbian Exposition” at Chicago, Ill, May 1st, 1893. We have published a book of our travels and sermons and the sheet music “Prince of Peace”. We are also Editors and Proprietors of the prosperous Newspaper “The Rev. Morrill Twins Tidings”, of Chicago, Ill. By honest labor and the appreciation of the patronizing public we have been enabled to acquire a handsome fortune. In addition to the other places of international prominence, we have sung in the church of Dr. T. de Witt Talmage of Brooklyn, N.Y., the late Rev. C. H. Spurgeon’s church of London, England, the First church of San Francisco, Farwell Hall of Chicago, the great Asbury Park and Ocean Grove Auditoriums. Our work is with all denominations. There are five ministers in our immediate family, while one brother is a lawyer: we also have two sisters – one an artist, the other a musician and mother is known as the children’s Evangelist. We are nephews of the late Dr. Gulian Lansing, Missionary of Cairo, Egypt, Africa. Rev. Joseph E. Leach of New York City is our Agent and is most cordially endorsed by prominent men. We use in our revival meetings and also in our church Entertainments $500 Calcium Light Stereopticon outfit with more than 100 beautiful views throwing twenty foot pictures and by this methodwe have been enabled to give to Churches $7,000 in the past seven years. Among the thousands of Newspapers in American and Europe that have spoken kindly of our work you will find the New York World, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Christian Herald Albany, [indecipherable] Examiner, Rochester Morning Herald, Omaha [indecipherable], the Chicago [indecipherable] and the Liverpool Echo, England. For hundreds of other Newspapers credentials [indecipherable] The Rev. Morrill Twins [indecipherable]. Western Newspapers [indecipherable] 88 [indecipherable] Jack[indecipherable] Your True Friends. The Rev. Morrill Twins. Price of the Photograph and Auto-Biography only 15 cents, or two for 25 cents. (over) [Inserted portrait]: “Rev. Joseph E. Leach of New York City, Successful Agent of the Rev. Morrill Twins."