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People with names starting with A
Sorted DescendingName Nationality Date
Media FileSamuel Anderson  
Media FileS. V. AlperinRussianRussian
Media FileRussell Aikins  
Media FileRudy ArnoldAmericanAmerican, 1902-1966
Media FileRobert S. AbbotAmericanAmerican, 1870-1940
Media FileRobert AdamsAmericanAmerican, b. 1937
Media FileRichard AvedonAmericanAmerican, 1923-2004
Media FileRev. Michael AllenAmericanAmerican, 1927 - 2013
Media FileRalph David AbernathyAmericanAmerican, 1926-1990
Media FileR. ArcherBritishBritish, 1863-1932