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People with names starting with A
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileAtelier Robertson  
Media FileAtwood's Electric Photo StudioAmericanAmerican, 1867-1940
Media FileAuditorium Studio  
Media FileAustin American-StatesmanAmericanAmerican
Media FileAznef ArchivesRussianRussian
Media FileAzzedine AlaiaTunisianTunisian, b. 1940
Media FileBabs ArmourAmericanAmerican
Media FileBalfour Dunlop AdamsonAmerican, b. IndiaAmerican (b. India), 1873-after 1944
Media FileBarbara AlperAmericanAmerican
Media FileBenjamin American HorseOglala SiouxOglala Sioux, ca. 1876 - after 1937