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People with names starting with B
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileJohn BaldessariAmericanAmerican, 1931 - 2020
Media FileJohn BarrymoreAmericanAmerican, 1882-1942
Media FileJohn Chase Bussell  
Media FileJohn Curtis BarkhurstAmericanAmerican, 1870-after 1930
Media FileJonathan Brand  
Media FileJose BergaminSpanishSpanish, 1895-1983
Media FileJosef Breitenbach  
Media FileJoseph BeuysGermanGerman, 1921-1986
Media FileJoseph K. BundyAmericanAmerican
Media FileJosephine BakerAmericanAmerican, 1906 - 1975