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People with names starting with B
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileJosephine BerosiniAmerican (b. Czechoslovakia)American (b. Czechoslovakia), born 1924
Media FileJovanka BrozYugoslavianYugoslavian, 1924-2013
Media FileJuanita BallAmericanAmerican, 1894 - 1976
Media FileJuanita Boyd  
Media FileJulius BrillAmericanAmerican (b. Germany) 1816-1882
Media FileK. Lemoyne BillingsAmericanAmerican, 1916 - 1981
Media FileKaleel BehanneseyAmerican (b. Syria)American (b. Syria)
Media FileKarl BlossfeldtGermanGerman, 1865-1932
Media FileKarl Karlovich BullaRussianRussian, 1853 - 1929
Media FileL. G. BurnhamAmericanAmerican, 1845/6-1931