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People with names starting with B
Name Nationality Date
Alfred Eisenstaedt, <i>Margaret Bourke-White</i>, 1943<br>
Accession number: 1744.2005<br>for use, contact Getty Images<br>
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<hr>Margaret Bourke-WhiteAmericanAmerican, 1904-1971
Media FileSamuel BourneBritishBritish, 1834-1912
Media FileWhitney BourneAmericanAmerican, 1914 - 1988
Media FileCharles-Marie BoutonFrenchFrench, 1781-1853
Media FileClara BowAmericanAmerican, 1905-1965
Media FileBowdoin College Museum of Art  
Media FileDavid W. BowdoinAmericanAmerican, ca. 1817 - after 1880
Media FileHarry L. BowdoinAmericanAmerican
Media FileBowdoin, Taylor & Co. active 1860s
Media FileFrank A. BowmanAmericanAmerican