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People with names starting with C
Name Nationality Date
Media FileGeorge ChacharisAmerican (b. Greece)American (b. Greece), 1908 - 1983
Media FileIda Chagall 1916-1994
Media FileMarc ChagallFrench (b. Russia)French (b. Russia) 1887-1985
Media FileFyodor Ivanovich ChaliapinRussianRussian, 1873 - 1938
Media FileG. W. ChalmersCanadianCanadian
Media FileJ. L. Chamberlain  
Media FileNeville ChamberlainBritishBritish, 1869-1940
Media FileWilt ChamberlainAmericanAmerican, 1936 - 1999
Media FileChambers Fine Arts  
Media FileOliver ChanarinEnglishEnglish, b. 1971