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People with names starting with C
Name Nationality Date
Media FileEddie CantorAmericanAmerican, 1892 - 1964
Media FileFredrich Cantor  
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Cornell Capa, 1982Cornell CapaAmerican (b. Hungary)American (b. Hungary), 1918-2008
Photograph by <b>Gerda Taro</b></a>, 1937Robert CapaAmerican (b. Hungary)American (b. Hungary) 1913-1954
Media FileAl CaponeAmericanAmerican, 1899 -1947
Media FilePaul CaponigroAmericanAmerican, b. 1932
Media FileTruman CapoteAmericanAmerican, 1924-1984
Media FileKristen CappAmericaAmerica, b. 1964
Media FileSamuel Mills CapronAmericanAmerican, 1832-1874
Media FileRoberto CapucciItalianItalian