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People with names starting with C
Name Nationality Date
Media FileNannette CarringtonAmericanAmerican, 1887 - 1977
Media FileLewis CarrollBritishBritish, 1832-1898
Media FilePeter J. Carroll  
Media FileAndrée Joséphine CarronFrenchFrench, 1898 - 1976
Media FileEarl CarruthersAmericanAmerican, 1910 - 1971
Media FileJohnny CarsonAmericanAmerican, 1925-2005
Media FileJohn Randolph Carter  
John Loengard
Cartier-Bresson takes pictures in his Paris apartment, 1987
Gift of John LoengardHenri Cartier-BressonFrenchFrench, 1908-2004
Media FileMélanie Cartier-BressonFrenchFrench, born 1972
Elinor CarucciElinor CarucciAmerican (b. Israel)American (b. Israel 1971)