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People with names starting with D
Name Nationality Date
Media FileDeberny & PeignotFrenchFrench, founded 1923
Media FileJohn DeBiaseAmericanAmerican
Media FileDeCam  
Roy DeCarava, November 16, 1983 by Michel AuerRoy DeCaravaAmericanAmerican, 1919-2009
Media FileLaura Decoppet  
Media FileJane O. DeForestAmericanAmerican, 1839 - 1876
Media FileCelestino DegoixItalianItalian
Media FileLéon DegrelleBelgianBelgian, 1906-1994
Media FileDolores Del RioMexicanMexican, 1905-1983
Media FileLuc DelahayeFrenchFrench, b. 1962