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People with names starting with D
Name Nationality Date
Media FileJack DempseyAmericanAmerican, 1895 - 1983
Media FileAnn Eliza DenautCanadianCanadian, 1849-1916
Media FileGeorge E. DenautCanadianCanadian
Media FileHarry Denaut  
Media FileJulia C. Easton DenautCanadianCanadian, b. 1815
Media FileJulia Candaie Easton DenautCanadianCanadian, 1854-1928
Media FileRoderick Easton DenautCanadianCanadian, 1845-1876
Media FileWalter Henderson DenautCanadianCanadian, 1807-1889
Media FileWalter Henderson Denaut Jr.CanadianCanadian, 1850-1903
Media FileDeng YingchaoChineseChinese, 1904 - 1992