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People with names starting with F
Name Nationality Date
Media FileToni FrissellAmericanAmerican, 1907 - 1988
Media FileFrancis FrithBritishBritish, 1822-1898
Media FileJosef Froehlich  
Media FileGeorges FrogéFrenchFrench
Media FileJanine Fron  
Front (Tohosya Agency)JapaneseJapanese, active 1942-1945
Front-Illustrierte: für den deutschen SoldatenRussianRussian, 1941-1944
Media FileFrontul IlustratRussianRussian
Media FileRobert FrostAmericanAmerican, 1874-1963
Media FileL. S. FrutkoffAmericanAmerican