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People with names starting with G
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileA. D. Grigs  
Media FileAbha GandhiIndianIndian, 1927-1995
Media FileAdolph GottliebAmericanAmerican, 1903-1974
Media FileAdolph GreenblatAmericanAmerican, 1884-after 1930
Media FileAlain GerbaultFrenchFrench, 1893 - 1941
Alan Govenar
Brussels, 2010
Photograph by Kaleta DoolinAlan GovenarAmericanAmerican, b.1952
Media FileAlbert A. Gevers Belgian (ca. 1875-after 1906)
Media FileAlberto GiacomettiSwissSwiss, 1901-1966
Media FileAlec GuinnessBritishBritish, 1914-2000
Media FileAlexander Mikhaylovich GerasimovRussianRussian, 1881 - 1963