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People with names starting with G
Name Nationality Date
Media FileBurt GlinnAmericanAmerican, 1925-2008
Media FileMarie GloryFrenchFrench, 1905 - 2009
Media FileGloucester Daily TimesAmericanAmerican
Media FileYvonne Godart  
Media FilePaulette GoddardAmericanAmerican, ca. 1910-1990
Media FileMaya GodedMexicanMexican, b. 1970
Media FileJoseph GoebbelsGermanGerman, 1897-1945
Media FileClaus GoedickeGermanGerman, b. 1966
Media FileGoes AheadCrowCrow, died 1919
Media FileFrank L. GoffAmericanAmerican, 1845-1901