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People with names starting with G
Name Nationality Date
Media FileAlexander Mikhaylovich GerasimovRussianRussian, 1881 - 1963
Media FileAlain GerbaultFrenchFrench, 1893 - 1941
Media FileB. D. Gerberg  
Media FileArthur Gerlach  
Media FileValeriy GerlovinAmerican (b. Russia)American (b. Russia 1945)
Media FileRimma GerlovinaAmerican (b. Russia)American (b. Russia 1951)
Media FileGerls  
Media FileWashington Lafayette GermonAmericanAmerican, 1822-1877
Media FileErno GeroHungarianHungarian, 1898 - 1980
Media FileGeronimoBedonkohe ApacheBedonkohe Apache, 1829-1909