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People with names starting with H
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileA. N. Hardy  
Media FileA. P. HartAmericanAmerican, 1816-1894
Media FileAbraham R. HenwoodAmericanca. 1831-after 1880
Media FileAdelaide HallAmericanAmerican, 1901 - 1993
Media FileAdolf HitlerGermanGerman, 1889-1945
Media FileAlbert HurdusAmericanAmerican (b. Russia), 1863-after 1933
Media FileAlexander Hammid (1907-2004)
Media FileAlexander Heilner  
Media FileAlfred HitchcockBritishBritish, 1899-1980
Media FileAlfred Horsley Hinton 1863 - 1908