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People with names starting with H
Name Nationality Date
Media FilePrince Henri Count of ParisFrenchFrench, b. 1933
Florence HenriSwiss (b. United States)Swiss (b. United States), 1893-1982
Media FileHenry à la PenséeFrenchFrench
Media FileHenry Holt and Company New York  
Media FileAbraham R. HenwoodAmericanca. 1831-after 1880
Media FileAudrey HepburnBritish (born Belgium)British (born Belgium), 1929 - 1993
Media FileMarion Houghton Hepburn Grant American, 1918-1986
Media FileKatharine HepburnAmericanAmerican, 1907-2003
Media FileMargaret Houghton Hepburn PerryAmericanAmerican, 1920-2006
Media FileHerald & ReviewAmerican