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People with names starting with H
Name Nationality Date
Media FileHedda HopperAmericanAmerican, 1885-1966
Media FileJosephine HopperAmericanAmerican, 1883 - 1968
Media FilePaul HörbigerAustrianAustrian, 1894 - 1981
Media FileLena HorneAmericanAmerican, 1917-2010
Media FileWalter H. HorneAmericanAmerican, 1883-1921
Media FileGarnett D. HornerAmericanAmerican, died 1982
Media FileHornung's Studio  
Media FileFeri Horompo  
Media FilePaul Horompo  
Media FileChick HorseyAmericanAmerican, b. 1904