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People with names starting with H
Name Nationality Date
Media FileAlbert HurdusAmericanAmerican (b. Russia), 1863-after 1933
Media FilePatrick HurleyAmerican 
Media FileJ. W. Hurn  
Media FileSolomon HurokAmericanAmerican, 1888 - 1974
Media FileGeorge HurrellAmericanAmerican, 1904-1992
Media FilePhilip HurwitzAmerican (b. Russia)American (b. Russia), 1869-after 1930
Media FileEdwin H. HusherAmericanAmerican, 1863 - after 1920
Media FileHugo HusligAmericanAmerican, 1910-1933
Media FileMary B. Huslig American (b. Austria), 1871-1944
Media FileSaddam HusseinIraqiIraqi, 1937-2006