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People with names starting with I
Name Nationality Date
Media FileKristy Anne Irvine-Ryan 1971-2001
Media FileJohn Irving  
Media FileCharles Isaacs  
Media FileStanley M. IsaacsAmericanAmerican, 1882 - 1962
Media FileIsabelle, Comtesse de ParisFrenchFrench, 1911 - 2003
Media FilePrincess Isabelle Marie Maure VictoireFrenchFrench, b. 1932
Media FileChristopher IsherwoodAmerican (b. English)American (b. English), 1904 - 1986
Media FileMiyako IshiuchiJapaneseJapanese, b. 1947
Media FileDan Israel  
Media FileOswald ItenSwiss