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People with names starting with J
Name Nationality Date
Media FileNora Joyce  
Media FileStephen Joyce  
Media FileDonald JuddAmericanAmerican, 1928-1994
Media FileAlphonse JuinFrench (b. Algeria)French (b. Algeria), 1888 - 1967
Media FileJuliana, Queen of the NetherlandsDutchDutch, 1909-2004
Media FileIsaac JulienBritishBritish, b. 1960
Media FileC. G. JungSwissSwiss, 1875 - 1961
Media FilePaul JungAmericanAmerican, 1901 - 1965
Media FileTheodor JungAmerican (b. Austria)American (b. Austria) 1906-1996
Media FileBernadette Jurkowski