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People with names starting with L
Sorted AscendingName Nationality Date
Media FileA. A. LebedevRussianRussian
Media FileAbraham LincolnAmericanAmerican, 1809-1865
Media FileAdelle Lutz  
Media FileAdolfo López MateosMexicanMexican, 1910-1969
Media FileAlan Jay LernerAmericanAmerican, 1918 - 1986
Media FileAlbert LebrunFrenchFrench, 1871 - 1950
Media FileAlexander LibermanAmericanAmerican (b. Russia), 1912 - 1999
Media FileAllan Ludwig  
Media FileAlphonse J. LiébertAmerican (b. France)American (b. France), ca. 1826-1914
Media FileAlvin LustigAmericanAmerican, 1915-1955