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People with names starting with L
Name Nationality Date
Media FileAbraham LincolnAmericanAmerican, 1809-1865
Media FileCharles LindberghAmericanAmerican, 1902-1974
Media FileCharles Lindbergh Jr.AmericanAmerican, 1930-1932
Media FilePetra LindholmFinnishFinnish, b. 1973
Media FileC. L. LindsayAmericanAmerican, ca. 1900 - after 1930
Media FileLindsay Drummond Ltd.  
Media FileHoward LindsayAmericanAmerican, 1889 - 1968
Media FileJohn V. LindsayAmericanAmerican, 1921-2000
Media FileLindsey's Photographic Parlors  
Media FileO. Winston LinkAmericanAmerican, 1914-2001