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People with names starting with L
Name Nationality Date
Media FileL'Illustration, Journal UniverselFrenchFrench
Media FileL'illustré du Petit JournalFrenchFrench
Media FileL. Prang & Co. 1860-1897
Media FileJake La MottaAmericanAmerican, b. 1921
Media FileLa Photo GalerieFrenchFrench
Media FileLa République Espagnole au Service de la CultureFrenchFrench
Media FileFrançois de La RocqueFrenchFrench, 1885 - 1946
Media FileJulius La RosaAmericanAmerican, born 1930
Media FileLa VanguardiaCatalan 
Media FileRobert F. LaatschAmericanAmerican, 1873 - 1925