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People with names starting with L
Name Nationality Date
Media FileFrancis LeeAmericanAmerican, 1913-1998
Media FileGypsy Rose LeeAmericanAmerican, 1911 - 1970
Media FileJocelyn LeeAmerican (b. Italy)American (b. Italy) 1962
Media FileMary Ann LeeAmericanAmerican, 1823-1899
Media FileMinjung LeeKorean 
Media FileNikki S. LeeAmericanAmerican (b. Korea 1970)
Media FileLee Publications  
Media FileRussell LeeAmericanAmerican, 1903-1986
Media FileNina LeenAmerican (b. Russia)American (b. Russia) 1914-1995
Media FileRené LefèvreFrenchFrench, 1903 - 1972