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People with names starting with M
Name Nationality Date
Media FileJ. D. Maxwell  
Media FileMarilyn MaxwellAmericanAmerican, 1921-1972
Media FileSweetie May  
Media FileVladimir MayakovskyRussianRussian, 1893-1930
Media FileHelene MayerGermanGerman, 1910-1953
Media FileElaine Mayes, AmericanAmericanb. 1936
Media FileRoger MayneBritishBritish, b. 1929
Media FileDorothy MaynorAmericanAmerican, 1910-1996
Media FileVirginia MayoAmericanAmerican, 1920-2005
Media FileAlbert MayslesAmericanAmerican, b. 1926